The Ideal Penis Size

"Obviously, penises come in all kind of combinations of length versus girth. This leads us to the final and most important point: where do you fit on the scale of women's preference? What does she think about your penis?

Penis Size Preference Chart

The Penis Size preference Chart is a graph showing virtually all the possible combinations of penis length and penis girth in ¼ inch intervals. For each combination it lists the matching grade of women's preference (A to E), stating its ability to satisfy the average woman.

To use the chart just locate your penis length and circumference (girth) along the axis. Where both meet you will find your penis grade.
Note: Let it be clear that the majority of men will fall in the lower-left D and C brackets. Grade-A penises are probably occurring in less than 10% of men.

Never lose out of sight that having an ideal penis alone is not what most women will look for. The vast majority will prefer a nice decent looking man with a grade B or C penis (and some cash!) above a bum with a grade A penis.

But let's say someone has a borderline C graded penis as in the example above. Chances are the average girl is ok with this. She might even tell him that his penis is perfect. After all, there are many men with smaller penises than that, in length as well as in girth. But if she could choose between him and an exact clone of his (same character etc.) except with a grade B penis as in the above example, who do you really think she will choose? Deep in her heart, no normal girl will choose for the smaller guy."

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John said...

I've seen this chart before at a site that purports to end the “size debate”. lol It's actually notorious for the figures having been virtually plucked almost out of thin air. Only a few women were asked and they weren't random samples and no controls were done. Just one guy with a questionnaire and an agenda (to prove big penises are better and the men who have them more desirable, probably to sell enlargement devices / techniques or some sort of personal gratification).

Honestly, "ideal" or not, if the girl can't get just as much pleasure and satisfaction (including physically) from *my* size penis, I don't care if she's "ok" with it or not, her ass is gone. lol In fact, the last girl I was (almost) with turned out to need a big one for “real pleasure.” “7 or 8 inches, the thicker the better, I like to be stretched!” She told me before she had even seen mine. She also admitted that a past lover just couldn’t do anything for her with his 5 inches. :( When I told her my size, she told me it was “ok” and that there was more to sex than penetration, and she had plenty of big toys to satisfy her. We didn’t last long after that. :( lol

I want to have amazing, mind-blowing sex! Not mediocre or even “good, but not great” sex! lol I actually get as much pleasure from her pleasure as I do my own. To that end, I’ll do whatever it takes to get her there, including toys, oral, kink, whatever. Lol But I do have my limits.

If she needs a bigger boy or a big toy for “ultimate satisfaction” or whatever, that’s great. Let her go find a guy with a big one or someone who is willing to replace his with a big plastic one. But from my perspective, having to *always* finish her off with a toy to give her “real pleasure” might be great for her, but it cuts down on my fun by a ton. :( Nobody wants to feel inadequate, especially when it comes to sex. And that makes me feel like my penis and I are just inadequate for her. :(

So, for me, compatibility is the key. I'll find a girl for whom *my* size "C" is perfect. :) And notice that even though I'm statistically fairly ahead of the average in the pack (about ½ inch to an inch), it's still a "C". :( If that’s really what the average woman truly needs for “true pleasure”, that’s depressing. Looks like a lot of lonely, frustrating nights for both genders. :(

kevin said...

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Anonymous said...

Weather the chart is accurate or not, from my experience its pretty spot on. All the women i have been with have come 90% of the time (i have been very lucky with comfortable/relaxed women)and of those that talk openly on the subject , any bigger than an A is too big , no point in having and A or B size penis if you dont have the arms thighs and ass to drive the fucker home etc. even tho my experience says the chart is good, if the average (numbers with original chart) stated is a very low D then well, a lot of women are dreamers - lindop42"hotmail.com

J.V said...

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